Workforce Development

Robust reporting / BI

Give your users the true value of their data with extensive and well-designed reporting and analytics.

  • We help your staff deliver successful and informative reporting on time.
  • Staff can create quick grid reports that meet their needs using simple, proven processes that address your needs.
  • We’re the solution you’ve been looking for if you want more user engagement and buy-in!
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Membership options

Do you need something more than a “one-size-fits-all” pricing and membership ability?

  • We give you three different membership methods – paid memberships, customer choice memberships, or memberships based on certain eligibility specifications.
  • Memberships support different course fees based on membership assignments.
  • Your users can manage the memberships or use the online registration module to allow your customers to choose their membership.
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Funding/ Grant Tracking-Reporting

Tracking grant and funded training programs is often a missing element in CE student registration systems. Problem solved!

  • We give you the ability to track funded programs/students and include that in your financial reports.
  • Need daily attendance as part of that tracking? Another problem solved!
  • And if your grant/funded programs need more specialty reporting, many data fields are designed to be flexible and comprehensive exactly for this purpose.
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Extensive student data field options

Meet your reporting needs using as few or as many of the extensive array of data fields available.

  • Customize the input forms for the primary data areas to fit your data needs with as few or as many as needed.
  • We give you many fields with user-defined values capability to create unique-to-you select lists.
  • Never again will you be without the ability to add custom values to your data again!
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability