Dance Partner“Grab your partner by the hand, do-si-do to the promised land“ are not just lyrics for a popular square dancing song, they are also important words of wisdom for your Continuing Education Program.  Whether it is by joining forces with corporations, other schools, or local organizations, your CE program can truly benefit from having partners.

Corporate Partners

For some, the idea of partnering with a corporation might seem like selling out or just a way to get their hands on big corporate money. The truth is having corporate partnerships can be beneficial to you, your students, the community, and the corporation.

The partnering of corporation and educational programs is nothing new. The two factions have been working side by side for decades. For example, similar partnerships have helped communities create new pathways to better lives, provided education and training for specific jobs, and helped the community. In doing so, new markets and industries have been created.

Corporate partnerships also help to foster and further much needed research in many areas including health, business, manufacturing and green initiatives, just to name a few.  Educational and corporate partnerships offer many opportunities to both students enrolled in a CE program, and employees, who are looking to stay competitive in a global economy.

“partnerships also help to foster and further much needed research in many areas”

Your CE program can provide students with a convenient and cutting edge education, but it can’t provide them with real world experience. By partnering with a corporation, your students can gain access to leading professionals in their industry. These professionals can serve as professors, guest lecturers, act as resources, or can even help to create real world projects for students to work on. This type of experience is not just invaluable to students, it also beneficial for both your CE program and the corporation.

And conisder that partnering is not just a marketing tool for your program, but it also ensures that your course offerings remain relevant for today’s work force. Corporations also come out ahead in this partnership, and not just because it is a marketing tool for them as well, but also because it offers them a chance to connect with future employees, as well as to help shape the educational landscape for their industry.

Another benefit to this type of partnership is that your CE program can become the exclusive training and educational center for corporations in one or more industries. Today, many corporations need their employees to do more than just their jobs; they also need them to continue to grow their knowledge and skill set. By joining forces with different industries, you can provide the educational tools companies and their employees need.

A Partnering Model:  Health Organizations

Continuing education in the healthcare industry has been crucial, not just because the industry is always evolving, but also because law requires it. Most health care workers must earn a certain number of CE credits every year or so. By partnering with healthcare organizations, whether local or state, you can provide them with the educational programs their members need.

“Another benefit to this type of partnership is that your CE program can become the exclusive training and educational center”

This type of partnership also offers additional benefits for both parties. As a CE program, you can help to develop a comprehensive education program staffed with experienced educators, as well as provide more affordable and accessible staffing training, without the need for travel. This helps the health organization ensure that their professionals are the quality education they need to maintain their state licenses at more affordable costs and in a more convenient way.

Additionally, this also provides opportunities for healthcare professionals to have access to training or education they might not be able find their own communities. It also connects them to others in their field, furthers their knowledge and training, as well as provide new opportunities to learn from healthcare experts.

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Entrepreneur Rick Stern built Xenegrade Corp with a focus on service to educational organizations. With an MBA from Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester and over 20 years continuing education management, his experience provides valuable insight into the needs, demands, and trends of the continuing education market.

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