XenDirect is available in three versions, designed to fit the demands and requirements of a diverse set of customers.  Each version includes both an Administrative module for end users and the Online Web Registration module for students.


Includes all the course management, registration, student profile, email marketing, wait lists, financial tracking, discounting, dashboards, and reporting needed to successfully manage a continuing or adult education program.


Plus includes all the features of the Basic version plus online course evaluations, email scheduler, user defined registration questions, student classifications, student test results, student funding, variable course fees, product sales, Facebook integration, course prerequisites, and a minimum payment option.


Enterprise includes all the features of Plus and Basic and more including course price bundling, cross selling, course corequisites, course subrequisites, conferences and workshops, daily attendance, registration enhancements, student outcomes/progress, online  student inquiry link, course content completion, and student skills profiles.

*Our most popular version

  • Locations
    Create facility, building, and room profiles with directions link displayed in Web Registration details.
  • Staff Profiles
    Create staff and instructor profiles, variable compensation rates and methods, and certifications.
  • Course Management
    Develop and manage course details including scheduling, unique and variable fees, discounts, descriptions, locations, instructors, equipment requests, textbooks, and unique refund policies.
  • Countbook
    XenDirect's unique enrollment and course quick reference dashboard.
  • Master Calendar
    Primary program year calendar with holiday scheduling, deadlines tracking, and payroll periods.
  • Course Clone
    Staff can easily create new Sections (offerings) from existing courses for fast catalog creation.
  • Multiple Fees
    XenDirect handles unlimited multiple revenue fees and fee types and can track using unique account codes.
  • Custom Fields
    Allows the system administrator to enable, disable, or make required numerous fields on 14 data entry forms.
  • Expenses
    Track course expenses for accurate revenue/expense comparison, profit/loss analysis, and go/no-go analysis.
  • Min/Max Enrollment
    Staff can set minimum and maximum enrollment levels enforced during registration.
  • Min/Max Ages
    Staff can set minimum and maximum ages enforced during registration.
  • Facility Management
    Create and manage facilities down to the room level including alert utility notifies of conflicts.
  • Promo Code Discounts
    Staff can create promotion code discounts.
  • Rosters
    Staff and instructors can review and print course rosters, sign-in forms, and other reports as allowed.
  • Contract Training
    Staff can manage contract and corporate training programs and prevent display online.
  • Program Management
    Identify various program specifications and requirements.
  • Program Progress
    Track registrant's progress, content completion, achievements, and outcomes.
  • Early Reg and Quantity
    Staff can create early registration and course quantity discounts.
  • Financial Aid
    Manage registrant funding sources and collections including time payments.
  • Course Funding
    Track sponsor specific funding at the course level including a sponsor history and contact log.
  • Course Evaluations
    Create and manage Course Evaluations for each offering. Variety of answer types including: Text, Select List, Rankings, and Text Area.
  • Course Enhancements
    Course level calendars, instructor coursework tracking, attendance roster tracking.
  • Bundled Courses
    Create a Bundle of 2 or more courses. Bundles can have a bundled discount. Very handy for Certificate Programs or other grouped offerings. Seem-less registration in all the Courses within the Bundle.
  • Flexible Schedules
    Schedule specific dates and times for courses. Instructor and Location are also flexible by dates and time.
  • Staff Development
    Track instructor staff development credits.
  • Conference Workshops
    Develop full conference workshop schedule complete with breaks and and enhanced details with option to allow registration per workshop. Additional workshop fees supported.
  • Suggestive Selling
    "You may also be interested in..." Cross sell Courses.
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Enterprise
  • Brochure Development
    Export data for brochure development and import into popular desktop publishing software.
  • Mailing Lists
    Create mailing lists and print mailing labels. Export targeted mailing lists for use in marketing.
  • Merge Letters/Forms
    Staff can create and print custom letter or form formats to merge with data.
  • Email Marketing
    Staff can create and email custom text or html email formats to merge with registrant and course data.
  • Email Scheduler
    Create email templates and automatically create a schedule to sent out emails.
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Enterprise
  • ProTrain Integration
    Display ProTrain Online Course on your Web Registration site. Registration information is passed to ProTrain for registration directly into the ProTrain Course.
  • Ed2Go Integration
    Display Ed2Go and Ed2Go CTP courses right along with your on campus offerings. Registration information is passed directly to Ed2Go system upon registration using an API.
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Enterprise
  • Multiple Registrations
    Assign Students to multiple courses in one step.
  • Multiple Payment Methods
    Staff entered payments via credit card, cash, check, billing, vouchers, on account, split payments, and refunds. Refund credits can be placed on account towards a future payment.
  • Multiple Transactions
    Permission based Staff ability to void, modify, or delete transactions. Deleted transactions are saved in special audit proof transaction log.
  • Confirmations
    Easily send email confirmation to registrants from email templates.
  • Close Registrations
    Automatic closed registration prompt with Staff ability to override for mail, phone, and walk-ins.
  • Attendance
    Staff can track total number days attended, total contact hours per course.
  • Waiting Lists
    Waiting list option for full courses.
  • Fees
    Staff can set multiple fees and fee types per course and per membership level.
  • Family Accounts
    Primary account can register multiple family members into multiple courses..
  • Secure Access
    Extensive administrative ability to assign multiple levels of security per user.
  • Registrant
    Profile, registrations, transactions, grading, total attendance, memberships, transfers, cancellations, waiting lists, blocking, and case notes.
  • Registrant
    Checklists, employment tracking, special classifications, and funding tracking.
  • Registrant
    Special classifications tracking.
  • Evaluation Input
    Enter information received on a paper evaluation into the Evaluations area for analysis.
  • Custom Questions
    Ask specific questions related to the courses in the cart prior to checkout.
  • Enforce Prerequisites
    Option to enforce or ignore prerequisites in both Admin module and WebReg module.
  • Attendance (Daily)
    Staff can track daily attendance, total number days attended, total contact hours per course.
  • Registrant Enhancements
    Daily attendance, goals, outcomes, referrals, assessments, school residency, testing, coursework, progress tracking, report cards, applications, program enrollment, invoicing, skills profile, and governmental reporting.
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Enterprise
  • User Defined Reports
    XenDirect users can upload reports meeting specified design requirements. (Requires ODBC)
  • Total Attendance
    Total attendance report with total contact hours and total number of classes.
  • BI SnapShots
    Get detailed demographic, registration, and financial analysis on Sessions, Categories, Courses, Sections, Companies, etc. Valuable information all stored in various Snapshots throughout the system.
  • Rosters
    Numerous roster templates from one day to monthly formats.
  • Enrollments
    Enrollment lists and counts.
  • Case Notes
    Registrant case notes, history, and disciplinary logs.
  • Certificates
    Completion and achievement certificates for registrants.
  • Demographics
    Detailed and aggregate counts of registrant demographic data.
  • Labels/Envelopes
    Mailing labels and envelopes for registrants, staff and sponsors with additional label formats.
  • Merge Letters/Forms
    Staff defined templates for letters or form formats with data merging options.
  • Registration Forms
    Portrait or landscape formatted registration forms with registrant data.
  • Activity Schedules
    Registrant's current activity transcript.
  • Transcripts
    Registrant's historical listing of enrollments, grading, and total days/hours attendance.
  • Course Lists
    Various templates detailing course lists formatted for analysis or posting.
  • Sign In Forms
    Instructor daily sign in forms.
  • Profit/Loss
    Detailed and aggregate financial analysis of revenue and expense records from the general ledger.
  • Receipts
    Numerous receipt formats for registrant payments.
  • Transactions
    Detailed and aggregate list of general ledger records.
  • Invoice and Aging
    Create invoices for bills and view Aging reports.
  • Balances Due
    Determine Registrations with a Balance due .
  • Classifications
    Detailed and aggregate registrant population type counts.
  • Funding
    Detailed and aggregate registrant funding.
  • Test Results
    Results of registrant's academic testing such as the TABE or GED exam. Test are user defined.
  • Employment
    Registrant's pre and post enrollment employment history.
  • Data Audits
    Various data reports reviewing possible data inconsistencies and correction recommendations.
  • Evaluations
    Print blank evaluations, view evaluation results, and analyze evaluations with analysis report.
  • Daily Attendance
    Detailed daily, average, perfect and total attendance reports.
  • Content Completion
    Per day completion of registrant's course content.
  • Contact Hour Revenue
    Detailed and aggregate revenue lists of various contact hour based revenues.
  • State Reporting
    Various report formats for official state reporting. May require customization.
  • Outcomes/Progress
    Registrant's goals, achievements, outcomes, progress reports.
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Enterprise
  • User Guides
    Online knowledge available 24/7 though the Support Center.
  • Trouble Shooter
    Online step by step guide for common processes available 24/7 through the Support Center.
  • Support Center
    Online ticket submission support for questions, issues, suggestions, and requests.
  • User Forum
    Share ideas with other XenDirect Users. Ask questions about XenDirect and other Continuing Education/Non-Credit issues.
  • Training
    Onsite or web based training. (Training costs vary depending on amount of training required.)
  • Program Analysis
    Consult with experienced personnel using your program's data. (Costs vary depending on analysis required.)
  • Phone Support
    Phone support available for critical topics not easily handled through the Support Center. Provided at the discretion of Support personnel.
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Enterprise
  • Custom Reports
    Custom designed reports built by Xenegrade meeting your requirements.
  • Custom Development
    Consult on the development of custom processes and/or reporting.
  • Form Scanning
    Use custom OCR form scanning to import data from hand completed forms directly into XenDirect.
  • Online Application
    Web based custom student application form for courses requiring an advance application before enrollment.
  • Data Integration
    Integration with other software applications (i.e. Banner, Ecollege, BlackBoard etc) can be custom modified as export/import functions.
  • Ed2Go Integration
    Manage all Ed2go and Ed2Go CTP Online Courses from within XenDirect. Students Registered can be automatically sent to Ed2Go eliminated any double entry.
  • ProTrain Integration
    Manage all ProTrain Online Courses from within XenDirect. Students Registrations are sent to ProTrain.
  • Other Options
    Data conversion, data analysis, custom payment gateways, and custom feature/report development.
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Enterprise
  • Content Details
    Administration managed display of numerous course detail fields.
  • Latest News
    Share latest news under an exclusive Latest News menu selection.
  • Photo Per Course
    Administrator managed photo for each course.
  • Locations
    Display facility or full location details. Optional staff defined URL hyperlink provides map directions.
  • Prevent Cart
    Several options allow staff to display course details but prevent registration until ready.
  • Prevent Display
    Several options allow staff to control when course displays for viewing.
  • Featured Courses
    Highlight special events and course sections.
  • "Display Only" Courses
    Optional display of course sections but prevent web registration using user defined instructions.
  • Display as New and Update
    Highlight activities with “New” or “Updated”.
  • Free Courses
    Allow registration for free or zero fee courses.
  • Textbook Sales
    Textbook Sales Staff can set specific textbooks as optional sales during course purchase.
  • Min/Max Age
    Staff can set minimum and maximum age levels enforced during registration.
  • Refund Policy
    Displays overall refund policy and optional course section level refund policy.
  • Fees
    Staff can set multiple fees per course and per membership group level.
  • Registration Fees
    Set per course or once per session registration fees.
  • Other Fees
    Set optional additional user defined fees such as supply, textbook, or parking or limit fees to tuition only.
  • Promo Code Discounts
    Staff can create promo code discounts per course section, category, session, fee group or program.
  • Approval Codes
    Set Registration Approval Code per course offering or for an entire Category.
  • Display and Expire Dates
    Ability to set a display or expire date per offering.
  • Available Slots
    Optionally display the number of Available Course Slots.
  • Available Slots
    Optionally display the number of Available Workshop Slots.
  • Early Reg Discount
    Early Reg discounts can be set to provide a discount if registered X number of days before start date.
  • Quantity Discounts
    Set a discount once X number of courses are added to the cart.
  • Waiting List
    Waitlist limit can be set Globally and overwritten on a Course Offering basis.
  • Cancel/Refund Policy
    User defined pick – lists of cancellation and refund policies can be required per Course Section
  • Variable Fees
    Include Pick-One, Pick-Multiple and Option Fees. Useful for conferences and other course/events requiring a Student selected fee options.
  • Facebook Integration
    "Allow visitors to your Registration site to Like, Send or Comment on Courses. You can also link to your Facebook page from the header of the site.
  • Product Sales
    Sell products in unlimited categories to compliment your course offerings.
  • Start/End Text
    Use text instead of start or end dates for open ended offerings.
  • Course Inquiry
    Registrant can Inquire about more information from the Course Detail page. Send email to designated email.
  • Conference Workshops
    Allow display of workshop schedule and details with option to allow registration per workshop. Additional workshop fees supported.
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Enterprise
  • Color Options
    Administrator managed colors within template pages.
  • Banner Options
    Administrator managed site header image./div>
  • Text Options
    Administrator managed informational text per page with built in HTML editor.
  • Font Options
    Administrator managed font size and style from selected list.
  • Header Link Options
    Administrator managed hyperlinks displaying at top of registration site.
  • Menu Options
    Administrator managed Navigation Menu Items.
  • Footer Link Options
    Administrator managed Contact Info, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy.
  • Payment Gateways
    Choose from existing payment gateway options or customize to your existing payment gateway including redirects to an existing payment console.
  • Inquiry Link
    Optional link to a page to request more information.
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Enterprise
  • Search Options
    Registrants can search courses using session, category start date day of week location, or keyword. Optional staff defined Program Group search enhances course exposure and registrant search choices.
  • Multiple Sessions
    Registrants can search, view, and register for courses across multiple sessions.
  • Closed Resitrations
    Course section registrations automatically close when maximum enrollment is met. Optional staff defined waiting list settings give registrant option to register for waiting list.
  • Locations
    Display facility or full location details. Optional staff defined URL hyperlink provides map directions.
  • Family Accounts
    Primary account can register multiple family members into multiple courses.
  • Corporate Accounts
    Primary account can register multiple employees into multiple courses. Bulk Registrations.
  • Bulk Registrations
    Corporate Accounts can purchase multiple seats for the company.
  • MyAccount
    Registrant's can register, make payments, manage secondary accounts for Family and Corporate, view registrations and manage profile information.
  • Latest News
    Share latest news in the MyAccount section for students.
  • Transaction
    Course registrations, purchase gift certificates, apply discounts, manage basic profile.
  • Multiple Payment Methods
    Payments via credit card, partial payments, credit on account, and zero fee courses.
  • Secure Transactions
    Shopping cart features secure credit card transactions with payment gateway options available.
  • Email Confirmations
    Automated email registration confirmation and payment receipt. Staff defined embedded links allow registrant access to additional information or forms.
  • Pay by Purchase Order
    Optional feature to allow a registrant to pay with a Purchase Order.
  • Gift Certificates
    Allow for the online purchase of Gift Certificates. Automatically createa a credit OnAccount.
  • OnAccount Payments
    Registrants can use Credits OnAccount to pay for courses via WebReg.
  • Email a Friend
    Visitors to your Web Registration site can email info about offered courses to a friend.
  • Evaluations
    Students can fill out course evaluations from their MyAccount from browser or mobile versions once a course is completed. Results are entered immediately.
  • Minimum Payments
    Accept minimum payments per course. User defined minimums set for all Students or only those Students who have been approved for billing with a Credit Limit. Billing records are created for unpaid balances.
  • Custom Profile Questions
    Gather specific information about the Registrant based on the Course(s) in the Cart.
  • Billing
    Accept Billing as a payment option.
  • Bundled Courses
    Allow registration into a Bundle of 2 or more courses. Registrant is automatically registered in all related Courses in the Section of their choosing./div>
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Enterprise

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