Using Social Media to Benefit Your CE Program

By September 20, 2013Social Media

Benefits of social mediaEverywhere you go these days, you hear or see the phrases, “Like us on Facebook,” or “Tweet us at hashtag.” Social media has become an integral part of our world, which is why it is no surprise that it should also be a part of your CE program.

Social Media Basics

While employing social media components, as part of your program, is essential, knowing the best ways to use them is even more important. Social media can provide you with platforms to instantly promote your program, tout accomplishments of both students and professors and engage followers in relevant conversations. Social Media also offers you a variety of touch points to share updates and promote upcoming events or deadlines.

Recruiting Potential Students

Employing social media is a great way to attract the attention of prospective students. You can offer them a chance to ask questions about your program, take a virtual tour of a class or get to know professors who might be teaching their classes. It also allows them a way to interact with current students who can provide them with direct and honest insight into a program they might be interested in taking.

Social Media in the Classroom

Since most CE programs do not take place online, adding a social media component to the classroom experience should be a given. Social media in the classroom can help students and teacher feel more connected to each other and the material they are learning, no matter where they are. Students can interact with classmates and share relevant materials or links to articles of interest. Professors can use social media to further engage students, make announcements about classes, share additional materials and encourage further discussion.

Professional Development

Using social media shouldn’t stop with program promotion, and student/teacher interaction. It should also extend to professional development for anyone working within the CE program. It allows opportunities for learning and networking within the industry so that everyone, from professors to administrators, can stay informed and up-to-date.

Alumni Connection

Once students complete their education, engagement doesn’t have to end. Encourage alumni and program completers to stay in-touch via social media. Setup groups on social media platforms geared towards alumni. These groups can range from the entire alumni to segmented groups based on the program they completed. These groups not only allow you to remain connected to your alumni, but they can also provide them with networking and career opportunities.

No matter how you choose to use social media to benefit your CE program, remember it is an ever evolving technology, with new platforms popping up all the time. Before you join the social media bandwagon, do some investigating into which platforms would work best for you. Remember each platform needs daily maintenance by someone who not only understands the importance of social media engagement, but is also invested in putting the right messages and content out there.


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