Self Guided Tour

You can experience the Web Registration Module right now via a live self guided tour. This tour will show you first hand exactly what your students will experience when they register for your many exciting courses and activities via the Web Registration module.

Each step through the tour, you will be provided with information that helps you make selections and take next steps. This is exactly what your students will see except the instructions will be the text YOU enter to inform and guide your students.

During the tour, you will actually have the opportunity to register for some make believe courses at Xenegrade University. After the registration process is complete, you will even receive an automatic email confirmation exactly as your students will.

Note that this self guided tour covers the Web Registration Module only. For a demo of the Admin Module, use the Full Webinar Demo option below.

Take the Self Guided Tour

Full Webinar Demo

The self guided tour provides you with part of the whole picture. And as exciting as it is to know your students can sign up for classes even when your office is closed, now it’s time to experience the full and complete system.

The Full Webinar Demo will take you through both the Web Registration Module and Admin Module directly with one of Xenegrade’s knowledgeable staff. During the 90 minute webinar, you will see first hand how both modules operate and integrate together. You will have plenty of time to ask questions.

And if 90 minutes is not enough, the webinar leader will continue until you have all your questions answered and understand why small and large customers are discovering how XenDirect can help them increase revenues, maximize productivity, and enhance their customer service.

Tips when scheduling your Full Webinar Demo:

  • Consider the size of the room (office for 1-2 people or computer lab with projection capabilities for larger group)
  • Will require a phone with conference capabilities
  • Plan ahead to reduce external noises that could impede the audio portion of the webinar
  • Make sure the computer has the ability to download and install a small webinar application
  • Discuss your goals with the webinar leader prior to demo so they can plan the version and global settings that will best reflect your needs
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