If you are an education administrator, you need to consider technology in your day-to-day role. When you are trying to market or manage a course, innovative resources are available to make even the most challenging tasks a breeze. But with the rise of technology came a bit of complication. How do you know how to begin integrating the latest technology into your course?

We have divided this subject into two sections, Management and Marketing. While they often work in tandem, each requires a unique approach. This is especially true when you’re trying to upgrade or modernize your systems.

Course Management

If you manage a continuing education course, your target audience comprises adult professionals either compulsorily or voluntarily seeking further education in their line of work. They may need this course to stay in compliance to keep their licenses, or they may be trying to earn a certification for advancement. With this in mind, you can understand why these students need an online platform to manage their courses. But what about you and your staff? Your team deserves a module that can offer seamless innovation and quick solutions to everyday challenges. All of this is possible with Xenegrade’s XenDirect software solution.

For starters, both your faculty and staff benefit by utilizing modern technology. Each member of your team can smoothly navigate through tasks and responsibilities with the help of individual profiles These profiles will help employees document every part of the staff’s work for future reference.

For educators, a digital platform can help on multiple levels. Keeping track of attendance is no longer a headache when it’s all online. Communication between students and instructors can all be done within the system. Your administrative staff will be able to manage payment options and thus ensure that all financial matters are addressed. If a student decides to drop the course, a few clicks will ensure that the student will be properly removed from the enrollment — and that no accidental billing occurs.

Another major benefit of integrating technology is easier scheduling. It is difficult enough to juggle the day to day operations of an institution of higher learning without throwing in a special event. However, scheduling conferences, symposia, or workshops using digital tools and software will help everything run smoothly.

Administrators can also closely manage enrollment, including aspects of waiting lists and course capacity. With this data easily accessible, you can divert your marketing efforts elsewhere. Finally, administrators can handle the necessary paperwork through the web now: transcripts, applications, registration paperwork, and even textbook sales can be managed from your computer!

Course Marketing

Now that you understand how implementing an innovative system can help your administrative staff, you should learn how to ask yourself how technology can help you on the marketing front. The vast majority of companies with an online presence utilize digital marketing more than traditional. More and more colleges and universities are shifting their marketing to a primarily digital model. There are two parts of your marketing you need to consider, your message and your method.

Your message should appeal to your ideal student base, which is the professionals working in the course’s category. These men and women need a convenient and easy way to access their course so they can focus on the many other aspects of their lives. Additionally, they want a no-nonsense approach to learning. When you’re marketing, you need to understand what is most important to students who decide to pursue a continuing education course: convenience, efficiency, and utility.

Finally, you need to consider the different methods of delivery. Email marketing has proven time and time again to be one of the best online marketing tools, but other forms of content marketing have also proven effective. As we discussed in our previous blog, even the best marketing strategy cannot compensate for a poorly designed website. Social media marketing, another excellent form of online promotion, can integrate into both email marketing and your website by simply installing HTML-encoded buttons that link to your course’s information on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Technology has changed the ways we teach and learn–and how we market each. It’s time to make sure your course is modernized and convenient for all parties involved. For these reasons, our team at Xenegrade created XenDirect. Everything above can be accomplished using one program. Soon you will see that your courses are filling up with students faster than ever before. The surprising part? The cost is much less than you would think.

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