Standard license agreements include unlimited support for customers in good standing and with licensing fees payments up to date. Standard support utilizes the following hierarchy of support steps to provide all support activities:

  • First: Online Support Center
  • Second: Phone Support
  • Third: Remote Connection Support

Online Support Center

The online Support Center is the first line of contact for support. The online Support Center includes the XenDirect help files (knowledgebase) and a support ticket system used to report all errors or submit questions about XenDirect. The Support Center is monitored 24/7. Xenegrade responds to submitted support tickets on a mean time of 30 minutes during normal Monday-Friday work days between 8 AM and 5 PM ET. For tickets submitted outside the normal work days, Xenegrade responds to tickets on a mean time of 12 hours. The Support Center can be reviewed at:

If Xenegrade deems that the ticket system is not adequate for a submitted issue, Xenegrade will contact the customer directly regarding the support issue. When relevant, Xenegrade support staff may use a remote connection application to connect to the user’s computer to observe the issue at hand.

Emergency Support

For fastest service, even emergency situations should be submitted through the Support Center. When a new support ticket is submitted and tagged as “Emergency” priority, the Support Center automatically sends a text message to the support staff on duty. This immediate communication allows the support staff to start researching the issue as soon as possible, even outside normal business hours.


Xenegrade provided training is an optional service. From many years of experience, we have observed that full fledged training is not always required for users to learn to use XenDirect. With XenDirect’s intuitive interface, many new users require minimal training to start using XenDirect.

Xenegrade offers training for XenDirect users in several ways:

  • Onsite Classroom Training
  • Web-Based Training
  • Training OnDemand (online)
  • Online Practice Sites
  • Train the Trainer

Onsite Classroom Training

A typical classroom training session for a new customer can be performed in one day for a group of up to 12 persons. During a normal six-hour training session, users can gain all the skills required to get started and successfully operate XenDirect.

Web-based Training

A typical online training session for a new customer is usually performed in three, two-hour sessions via the internet. A maximum of two logins can be used as individuals or very small groups. During these three, two-hour training sessions, users can gain all the skills required to get started and successfully operate XenDirect.

Training OnDemand

Online self-paced training is available for users to learn the basic operation of XenDirect. The training can be used in tandem with the online practice database.

Online Practice Database

Trainees are provided access to a XenDirect practice site for up to four months after the implementation phase. This online database lets users practice any skills learned during training or new skills they have learned from online documentation.

Train the Trainer

With very large groups, Xenegrade suggests that we train key personnel who then in turn then act as trainers to your staff. This method helps reduce training costs and at the same time helps maintain consistency of information across a large group of staff. Often we see that trainers also act as key contacts with Xenegrade support staff for purposes of clarifying or interpreting information.