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Smart Workflows sample screenshot

Smart Workflows sample screenshot


Following a consistent process of record management can result in accurate and consistent data. When it comes to student registrations, accuracy and consistency are of ever-increasing importance. But what about speeding up the process? That’s where Smart Workflows come in.

Smart Workflows

Smart Workflows are guided step-by-step processes to performing common registration tasks. Each workflow takes the user through each step without having to navigate and search records to complete the process. And within each workflow, some elements of the process are automated. This automation speeds up the process and ensures consistent results.

Another advantage of Smart Workflows is their ability to allow multiple records during the same process. Adding more than one registration in one process greatly improves staff performance when time and effort are most important. During a heavy registration period, performance improvement can dramatically benefit customer service.

Within XenDirect, the Smart Workflows also possess separate user permissions. This allows system administrators to manage which users can perform the functions handled by workflows. For example, a user may have permission to add new registrations but not the ability to edit existing registrations. Smart Workflows help system administrators manage that security.

Available Smart Workflows

  • Registration entry
  • Payment transactions
  • Course cancellations
  • Refunds and transfers
  • Record merging (to handle duplicates)
  • Update dates and status fields
  • Add grades and exit data
  • And more…


Smart Workflows are available in all XenDirect versions.

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Rick Stern is an entrepreneur, educator, and dedicated professional. He received his MBA from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. Rick has 20 years of experience managing continuing education programs and over 30 years in registration system development. Xenegrade Corp was founded by Rick Stern with a focus on service to educational organizations. His expertise provides valuable insight into the needs, demands, and trends of the continuing education market.

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