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By April 7, 2021Features

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Send Email and Email Templates


The Send Email feature in Release 3 builds upon a solid foundation from the prior release and adds more user flexibility and options. Whether sending one email or many, the user has numerous options for using Send Email for both marketing and for business transaction emails. Send Email uses saved searches so users can easily email specified lists. Saved searches can also be used to exclude recipients, increasing the ability to fine-tune targeted emails.

The Send Email function is also embedded in various areas for specific emails, such as sending receipts, invoices, and registration confirmations. This saves users the time from having to create searches for commonly sent emails for one recipient. In addition, user-defined templates supporting HTML and text build the content behind the emails. An automated email scheduler enhances the power that the Send Email feature provides.


  • Allows for dynamically created email templates
  • Embedded emails speed up commonly emailed information
  • Automated email scheduler increases staff productivity
  • Supports HTML and text email versions
  • Email tracking using SendGrid™ technology
  • User-defined lists can be used for include and exclude
  • Marketing and transactional business emails are supported
  • Allows for easy changes in email content


This feature is available in all XenDirect versions.

Send Email sample screenshot

Send Email sample screen shot

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