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By March 22, 2021Features

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Merge Templates and InSight Merge Form Reports


Merge templates allow a user to create and format text into two different sections of a merge report. Embedded between the two text areas are instructor contractual specifics to the course they will teach. Then when the user merges the template using a specially designed InSight report, the output looks like a contract agreement.

With the InSight report generator, users have access to filter the report output based on all course and section data fields. And with the ability to create an unlimited number of templates, the opportunities are endless. This example is based on instructor agreements, but the same process can be used to create student-related forms as well.


  • Allows for dynamically created forms merged with data
  • Speeds up creation of forms and agreements
  • Reduces typos and errors
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Improves reliability
  • Allows for easy changes in document content


This feature is available in all XenDirect versions.

Merge Template sample screenshot

Merge Tenmplate sample screen shot

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