Spotlight: Cloning Course Sections

By March 4, 2021Features

Feature Name:

Section Clone


The clone feature allows users to easily copy one or more course sections to new offerings. Users can search the existing course sections using the advanced search options and select the course section or sections they desire to clone.

Once selected, the unique workflow process guides users through the clone process. Most of the clone process copies the same data from the source section to the new section. However, each clone has the option to set a new:

  • Section ID (course code)
  • Course status
  • Session/semester
  • Start and end dates/times
  • Days of the week scheduled
  • Include materials, program group reference, and section unique calendar


  • Speeds up schedule creation for new semesters
  • Reduces typos and errors
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Improves reliability


This feature is available in all XenDirect versions.

Clone Course Section sample screenshot

Clone Section sample screen shot

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