Top Funding SourcesAdult learners are sophisticated buyers. Typically, these students have many demands on their time and resources. Often the adult learner is younger than you might think and the investment they make in continuing education is linked directly to career advancement goals. With many alternative education programs now available to students, assisting the student with the right fit is critically important.

Looking thru the eyes of the prospective student’s journey think about the kinds of questions students ask themselves.

What institutions offer programs that will advance my career?

Is the program the right fit for me?

How much time will it take in the classroom and what is the workload outside of class?

How will the coursework commitment impact my current responsibilities at work and with family?

Will I reach my career goals if I take this program?

Why should I enroll?

Can I afford this program?

Your website is the most important investment you can make. Students will look here to find the answers to their questions before ever speaking with someone at your institution. Make sure your site clearly tells students what makes your institution unique. Your website should demonstrate the employability factor. Consider using student success stories of how their career has been enhanced by your programs. Content rich in video and photos help with distribution for email, social media, landing pages, print as well as your website program pages.

Once the student has confirmed the program is the right fit for them, it becomes about cost.

Understanding top funding sources for students becomes key to changing lives. Not only do we need to understand these programs but we also need to communicate how the student can learn what they might be able to leverage to fund their program. Offering information on your website about funding sources and providing orientation or information sessions for students that also speaks to funding sources can be an important key to success for your institution and your students.

For more information about funding sources for students download our E-book “The Top Funding Sources for Adult Continuing Education Students”.

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