IntegrationIt is common in this ever changing environment of lifelong learning to be using two or more software applications to perform administrative and management activities. However, it is just as common that these applications do not communicate with each other causing double data entry and extra work. Those days can be in the past.

Xenegrade can design an integration plan between XenDirect and your other applications on a custom basis. Here are just a few integration examples:

  • Student, enrollment, and financial data to Banner®, DataTel®, or other third party systems
  • Financial data to QuickBooks®
  • Course and scheduling data to a course catalog developer
  • Student and outcomes data to a local, state or federal reporting system

Based on many years of experience, integration demands are most often unique to each customer and each situation. In some cases, the integration may require only a one way data exchange. In others, it may entail a two way data exchange on a scheduled time frame. For any situation, support personnel from the third party software may be required to participate in the design and testing phases of integration in order to make the integration as seamless as possible.

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