ImplementationFor most installations, implementation of XenDirect is an easy and painless process. Xenegrade support staff perform the majority of the implementation steps. And because there are no locally installed files required, installation is fast, allowing you to start using the XenDirect system quickly. Here are the typical steps to a new implementation of XenDirect:

  • Xenegrade reviews set up requirements with customer
  • Xenegrade installs administrative module
  • Xenegrade installs the registration module
  • Xenegrade assists customer with registration module branding
  • Xenegrade provides optional training, if purchased
  • Customer starts to use XenDirect

Xenegrade staff perform all installation on Xenegrade servers and initial site setup functions as part of the licensing agreement. A typical installation can be completed within three to five days of receiving a deposit, initial payment, or approved purchase order.
Installations that include the import of data from another source require more lead time for the data conversion process. Data conversions should be discussed prior to licensing XenDirect in order to obtain an accurate projection of the effects and costs the data conversion and import process.

As part of the implementation process, it is the responsibility of the licensee to provide any requested graphics required for the registration module. If relevant, it is also the responsibility of the licensee to prepare and submit all required applications necessary for payment gateways.

Xenegrade will consult with the licensee for proper use of their name as used in the URL for both the Web Registration module and the Administrative module.

For large organizations, Xenegrade staff may require consulting time to determine how to implement XenDirect such as within a large multi-department organization.

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