blackoutTo this day, there has been much speculation on what caused the massive power blackout of March 2016. Conspiracy advocates blamed big corporations and global warming.   The main stream media targeted the cause as the 2016 presidential election process.  In Washington DC, they blamed each other. But I knew the truth.  I knew I had caused the blackout without even knowing it.

Research into the Northeast blackouts of 1965, 1977 and 2003 all demonstrated that some form of human error or lack of human effort in some way or another led up to the catastrophic event.  Not just one single lack of effort, but a series of them.  And that is exactly what I did here.

It actually started May 30, 2014.  That was the last time I wrote a blog.  Yes, almost two years ago.  That was by far not my best blog ever, but I actually took the time to write it.  It was an effort where I sat at the computer, put my fingers on the keyboard, and typed. A finished product was created and posted.  But what happened next started the ball rolling out of control.

What happened next was, well actually… nothing.  I did not write another blog.  There were always reasons why I would skip one week or another.  Too tired.  Not enough time.  Other priorities.  There is a crisis to handle.  My brain needs time away from work.  See!!  Always a reason.  Next thing I know almost two years have gone by.  Embarrassing to say the least.

That’s when the lightbulb came on because it forced me to take a deep look at why I chose to procrastinate.

But what did I do?  Most of that time in between then and now was not wasted.  So what was the reason?  Procrastination.  Yep, that’s it. I procrastinated.  I kept putting off writing a blog and chose to do something else, or maybe do nothing.  It does not matter, I procrastinated.

I procrastinated, much in the same way many of us delay tasks when we lose some interest or would rather do something else.  And the reason it does not matter is because we made it a choice.  We chose to procrastinate.  We selected one task over another.  In this case, that choice went on so long almost two years passed.

So now I sit down and write a blog.  It is almost earth shattering to do so after all this time.  Earth shattering.  I will say it again… earth shattering.  That’s when the power blackout occurred.  That’s when the lightbulb came on because it forced me to take a deep look at why I chose to procrastinate, and the power grid could not handle the needed power that light bulb demanded.

The self-investigation is not over yet.  There is much to discover.  What else have I not done while I chose to procrastinate?  What else did I neglect?  The answers will come as I am sure they will for you, if you also make the effort.

Thank you for your visit and allowing me to share my story.  And on your way out, please turn the lights on.

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