Why is email marketing so effective? Like all good content marketing, quality email marketing adds value to the readers’ lives. Email marketing also allows your message to be positioned in such a way that your audience must pay attention. Email marketing is also usually voluntary: you can opt out at any time by unsubscribing. These two factors make most readers see email marketing as less intrinsically coercive than other targeted ads. This is also why marketers love this online marketing tool–the effectiveness of email marketing is the reason for its longevity and popularity.

Here are just a few of the other advantages of email marketing:

1. Staying in Touch

Students want to repeat good scholastic experiences. If they took a course, found it informative and convenient, and felt that the experience was overall rewarding, they will want to take another course in the same organization. However, students of continuing education lead busy lives and can’t be expected to remember if Institution A was a better value than B University five years after the fact. Email marketing is great for circumventing the “out of sight, out of mind” phenomenon. An email marketing campaign will allow previously enrolled students to stay informed about new and upcoming courses that would interest them. Also, they would be informed about the current events at the school, making them feel more involved and invested.

2. Target Your Audience

As all professional marketers know, it’s vital to narrow the focus of your audience base. You may have access to tens of thousands of email addresses thanks to your school’s database, but do not give in to the temptation of scattershot spam. Good email marketers understand that the narrower your focus, the better your results. You don’t want to waste energy appealing to alumni who majored in dance and chemistry when your program focuses on accountants. Instead, you can reach out to those who could benefit from your course. That’s the joy of online marketing; you can reach someone who would legitimately utilize your service!

3. Attractive and Unique Layouts

When you send out an email (or an e-blast, as many marketers call them), you want both the course and the school to appear professional and polished. Don’t presume that all of your email marketing will be blocks of text–get a little creative. You can add color and graphics, even hyperlink a few choice sites. The hyperlinks will add even more value to your content.

4. Setting Your Schedule

Did you know that e-blasts do particularly well when delivered on specific days of the week? Their effectiveness is also affected by the delivery time. The specifics are dependent upon the age range, occupation, and other demographics of the audience, of course. However, you should still find and harness this information to your advantage. A software solution like XenDirect could allow you to use data like this so that you could create an ideal schedule for your emails.

5. Direct Traffic to Your Website

The best email marketing pieces have at least one link to ensure that their audience can find additional information. As you can imagine, email marketing is often used to funnel traffic to your website. You can choose each landing page according to your needs (relevant course information, enrollment portals, payment options, profile setups, etc.). Enabling your email recipients quick access to your site could potentially streamline the enrollment process!

It’s easy to see that email marketing is much, much more than just fodder for your spam folder. Research shows that e-blasts have long been a reliable source of traffic and conversions. In your case, this means that email marketing can help fill up classes.

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