When you first think of a brochure, you might imagine a stack of folded leaflets on a table or a pile of handbills on a desk. Believe it or not, brochures still have a prominent place in the world of online marketing. This is particularly the case when you’re trying to market a continuing education course. And while digital brochures may seem like a throwback, this online marketing tool could lead to more conversions and enrollment than you would have thought possible.

A digital brochure has a surprising amount of benefits for your online marketing strategy. School administrators in charge of promoting continued education courses might be more comfortable with this online marketing tool than others due to its traditional roots. That is not to say that digital brochures are stuck in the past, far from it. Digital brochures can incorporate many technological and innovative solutions.

Here are just a few advantages to choosing digital brochures to promote your continuing education course.

1. Email List Subscriptions

We recently discussed the potential of email marketing. It has proven to be one of the most effective forms of online marketing and an excellent way to stay in regular contact with potential students. But how do you acquire their email addresses? A digital brochure can act as an incentive for visitors to your site. Their brochure is free to download; once a user enters his/her email. The same window for the email entry should also contain an opt-in checkbox to receive emails from your school. Not only will they have all the information in the brochure, but now they can also receive emails chock full of additional information.

2. Interactive Content

Your brochure should cover every detail that anyone who might be interested in your course would need. Since this is a digital brochure, you can insert hyperlinks to relevant and important web pages, including the admissions page. You can also expand the hyperlinks to include your school’s sites that would be of interest to a potential student, such as the website for the office of financial aid. Software solutions like XenDirect allows you to transform your digital brochure into a veritable information hub.

3. Customizable Templates

You’ve probably seen dozens, scores, and even hundreds of bland and boring brochures for higher education. Instead of using one of these cookie-cutter templates, consider investing in software that allows you to create your unique brochure. You could design the layout and content to include every facet of your continuing education program, including the logistics of enrolling.

4. Flexible Medium

In today’s higher education landscape, flexibility is key. While most people prefer the interactive features available when viewing the brochure online, some would rather have a physical copy. Your potential students will be able to download a digital brochure as a PDF file, print it, and review it in the more traditional format. In fact, if many administrators like to have several hard copies available for students to pick up in the Admissions Department.

All of these reasons and more have led to the popularity of digital brochures as a marketing tool. This marketing mainstay is invaluable to many students and administrators alike.

Are you interested in using a digital brochure to promote your continuing education course? XenDirect has software and programs that can help you design your team’s brochure.

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