CE programNo doubt about it…continuing education (CE) programs are rapidly gaining in popularity. Joel Shapiro, Associate Dean of Academics at Northwestern University’s School of Continuing Studies, calls it the “unbundling of education”, driven by MOOCs (massive online open courses) and smaller certificate courses, which employees readily choose with the goal of quickly adding crucial skills.

But any CE Program is only as good as the framework which supports it. What are the essentials for developing a seamless framework for your Continuing Education program?

Let’s begin with The Four Es of Continuing Education by John DeLalla:

  • Education: Students can access a variety of academic topics and formats (distance, in-person, etc.)
  • Experience: Teaching faculty, classroom environment, and campus life provide memorable experiences.
  • Enrollment: Unified marketing, simple, unbroken sign-up process, and true alumni relations are the foundation.
  • Economics: Follow steps 1-3, and your balance sheet should remain in the black

A New ‘E’ Emerges

What’s missing? What if we could add an additional E – an automated process that would allow you to spend more time building your brand and less time taking care of course management and client registrations? Let’s call this E “Ease of Registration”. After all, without registration, your Continuing Education program cannot exist. When the process is as automated as possible, is simple and is intuitive, your continuing education program can move forward to an entirely new level.  Staff productivity can increase, registrations flow in easier, and revenue can increase without adding new administrative staff.

And what if you could also:

Access your secure data from anywhere?

Analyze your registration details on a moment’s notice?

Prepare reports within minutes?

Export your course schedule details for your catalog development without ever retyping a single letter?

Such a process already exists, and is serving the needs of Continuing Education, Workforce Development, Contract Training, Adult Education, Conference and similar educational and service organizations. It is called XenDirect, and you can learn more here.

Author Rick J. Stern

Entrepreneur Rick Stern built Xenegrade Corp with a focus on service to educational organizations. With an MBA from Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester and over 20 years continuing education management, his experience provides valuable insight into the needs, demands, and trends of the continuing education market.

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