Continuing Education and Adult Ed

Cloud capability

With a highly scalable SaaS model, give your staff and customers the gift of real-time data access when they need it the most.

  • Your customers will appreciate the ability to register at any time using our online and brandable registration module.
  • Our system supports a remote working environment where your staff can access from anywhere and any time – main office or home office.
  • Let us simplify your work life with a solution that is ready on day one with nothing for you to install.
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Robust reporting / BI

Give your users the true value of their data with extensive and well-designed reporting and analytics.

  • We help your staff deliver successful and informative reporting on time.
  • Staff can create quick grid reports that meet their needs using simple, proven processes that address your needs
  • We’re the solution you’ve been looking for if you want more user engagement and buy-in!
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Automation/ Workflows

Workflows let your staff spend more time on efforts that promote satisfaction with your customers and less time on the tedious work.

  • Discover how a variety of built-in workflows speed up the delivery of your services to your customers and instructors.
  • Using workflows allows users to enter and modify course and registration data faster.
  • Imagine the excitement and ease of cloning multiple course section in minutes rather than hours.
  • Let us help you speed up your office today!
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Multiple registrations

Never waste valuable time again adding one registration at a time when you can do an entire order in one process.

  • Let’s face it. Some customers don’t want to register online and will call you directly so they can speak to a live person.
  • Your users will process registration orders faster using the multi-registration workflow.
  • And it doesn’t end there. Users can process the payment for the order in a single workflow process, also!
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Marketing and Branding

The importance of marketing and branding cannot be understated. In a world where people's attention spans continue diminishing, it becomes even more important than ever to communicate who you are.

  • Using automated and manual email options, communicate with your customers easily.
  • Analyze enrollment trends to improve your program offerings.
  • Create and control your online registration portal’s content, colors, and images.
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Online payment processing

You can choose which payment gateway processes your credit card payments online.

  • Processing your payments online is a standard business practice, but we give you more than fifteen options.
  • Your credit card refund payments can be processed online also given it is supported by the payment gateway.
  • Need a custom payment gateway? Ask us, and we can meet that need!
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Online registration

Increasing enrollment via online registration allows support staff to concentrate on customer support and program development.

  • You will have access to numerous features to handle a wide variety of options, from discounts, fee variations, family accounts, and more.
  • Brand the registration portal the way you want with your colors and images.
  • Fully control the content that displays and when it displays.
  • Give your students the ability to make payments online in full or over time.
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Rapid response support

One of our standards is expecting a support request in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Waiting days for a response to a support request is very common, but we strive to make our initial response to your support requests within one hour. And we meet that more than 95% of the time.
  • Using a FIFO (first-in, first-out) online support ticket system assures you a rapid and timely response.
  • But wait! You can decide if one or all of your users can submit support requests.
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Budget conscious (and versions)

Our founder directed a public Continuing Education program for nearly twenty years and knows that budgets are fragile.

  • Our philosophy has always supported trying to keep a registration system that is affordable and doesn’t break the bank
  • One version rarely fits everyone, so you can choose between three different versions based on your need and budget.
  • When you compare feature to feature and price to price, we provide you with the most options at the best price on the market!
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Ease of use by students/users

The importance of software ease-of use and user-friendly applications can't be overstated. It's crucial for any business to ensure their technology is not only easy enough so that everyone will understand how it functions, but also leaves people with an enjoyable experience!

  • The administrative module software is so that anyone can easily navigate through its features with little training or guidance.
  • Even though the student online registration module is user-friendly, you still have the ability to add instructions and information at every step of the registration process.
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability

Financial/ ROI/ Go-NoGo

Having access to all the financial and registration data improves decision-making accuracy and, ultimately, your entire program.

  • The use of dashboards provides at-a-glance information for analysis.
  • Enrollment comparison reports provide the data you need for Go-No-Go decisions.
  • Run financial reports in detailed or aggregate views depending on the level of analytics desired.
  • Compare current to past finances to track trends.
Cloud Capability
Cloud Capability