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May 30

Why “Partner” Is Not Just a Dance Term

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

“Grab your partner by the hand, do-si-do to the promised land“ are not just lyrics for a popular square dancing song, they are also important words of wisdom for your Continuing Education Program.  Whether it is by joining forces with corporations, other schools, or local organizations, your CE program can truly benefit from having partners.…

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May 13

Using Data for Analysis: What You Need to Know

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

If you are utilizing an online learning platform, chances are you are also collecting data about a variety of components. Maybe you want to know about student demographics or perhaps you want to track the click-through rates of your web banners. Regardless of what data you are collecting, the question you should be asking is…

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May 08

Tips for Marketing Your Online Course on Twitter

~By Rick J. Stern | Marketing

Can 140 characters market your online course to the masses? The answer is a resounding yes. Twitter is one of the today’s hottest social media platforms because it is the only place where 140-characters can make a powerful and lasting impression. Not ready to accept this? You might want to think about the recent celebrity…

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Apr 28

Integrating MOOCs into Institutional Strategies: Why are we doing this?

~By Rick J. Stern | E-learning

If you are like most higher education institutions, lately, you may find yourself asking the question, “Should we be using Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) or not?” You might be wondering how can you effectively integrate MOOCs into your school’s strategy, and what benefits will you and your students receive once you do? Many higher…

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Apr 18

Tips for Enhancing Quality and Efficiency in Academic and Administrative Departments

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

In today’s current economic landscape, ensuring that your education institution is delivery quality education in the most efficient way possible is of utmost importance.  To accomplish this, both the administrative and academic units must work together. After recognizing the many challenges faced in higher education, a group of academic and administrative leaders presented their findings…

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Apr 16

What’s Trending in Online Education?

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

Four months into 2014 and new trends continue to impact online education. While some of these trends are rollovers from the previous year, their ripples are still being felt, and some experts predict this may continue for years to come. Overcoming obstacles may prove challenging for some online education institutions, but by staying aware of…

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