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Jul 17

Why You Should Print Everything

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

WARNING: Following the practices in this article may be hazardous to your printer’s health, your ink cartridge budget, and the life expectancy of trees. Please continue at your own risk. Even though digital documents began in the 1950’s, they became available to most offices in the 1980’s with the development of the personal computer. Users…

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Jul 10

6 Actions a Program Manager Should Do Weekly

~By Rick J. Stern | Career

The common idiom “if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well” comes to mind when thinking of a continuing education program manager’s job. Always striving to do more, do better, and improve the program. A lofty and impressive aspiration, but easier stated than reached. Adding a few weekly habits to your schedule…

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May 24

The Future Looks Bright Thanks to Data and Metrics

~By Rick J. Stern | Metrics

It's the end of the course. Your students have gained knowledgeable insights and will utilize their data in the future. For many of these students, you will see them again, especially if your course part of a continuing education program meant to offer annual licenses or compliance. So, even though this is the end, it's…

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May 22

The Big Difference Between Retention and Growth

~By Rick J. Stern | Metrics

What is the goal of an educational course? To help your students pass and move forward to your next course? Not quite. To weed out students who can't make the cut to focus on those with the most promise? Nope. Instead, it is to deliver the material in a way that improves knowledge retention and…

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May 17

Understanding the Difference Between Short-Term and Long-Term Metrics

~By Rick J. Stern | Metrics

Studying year-end metrics can help you on multiple levels. The first level is assessing the results of the course that was just completed. You will be able to gauge the course's efficacy and how your students benefitted from the material. Such immediate insights are especially helpful for continuing education courses or courses administered by contract…

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May 15

Your Data Cause-&-Effect Questionnaire

~By Rick J. Stern | Metrics

Metrics allow you to view your education or training program from a fresh perspective. By approaching your course analytically, you will quickly be able to identify the successful elements of your strategy. Not only that, you will be able to single out aspects that require improvement to better satisfy your learners and further attract new…

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