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Mar 22

Spotlight On: Creating Dynamic Instructor Contracts

~By Rick J. Stern | Features

Merge templates allow a user to create and format text into two different sections of a merge report. Embedded between the two text areas are instructor contractual specifics...

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Mar 04

Spotlight: Cloning Course Sections

~By Rick J. Stern | Features

The clone feature allows users to easily copy one or more course sections to new offerings. Users can search the existing course sections using the advanced search options and select the course section or sections they desire to clone.

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Feb 28

How to Improve Your Student Registration Process

~By Rick J. Stern | Career

The student enrollment process is often known for being time-consuming and confusing for many students. However, with advances in technology, this process has become simpler and more streamlined. By implementing a digital system for student registration, you can improve the experience for your students, along with your staff. Implement Digital Forms and Submissions Fewer people…

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Feb 26

Xenegrade Announces Major Upgrade to Student Registration Management System

~By Rick J. Stern | Press & News

Sarasota, Florida, February 24, 2020: Xenegrade proudly announces an upcoming upgrade to their student registration management system known as XenDirect. This newest release, XenDirect Release 3, will be premiered at their user conference taking place in Nashville in mid-May. This upgrade has been in beta trials since last fall, and the company is excited for…

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Sep 06

Who’s On First?

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

When trying to provide timely and efficient customer service, Abbott and Costello may have stated it better than anyone else: “Who’s on first?” How do you determine when and who gets your attention first when there are numerous customers that need your assistance, and the cast of characters varies? Your decision of who is on…

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Sep 04

Myths of Customer Service

~By David Bennett | Managing

Customer service is important. Arguably, not many will disagree with that statement. There is an adage that states, “If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will.” If you are not doing what it takes to ensure customer loyalty, sooner or later the “greener pastures” of a competitor will catch their eye. Now,…

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