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Oct 25

What Are the Top 5 Questions to Ask Students?

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

Teaching Continuing Education (CE) students comes with many benefits and challenges. While online courses allow students from all over the world to have access to education, it can make the normal interaction you would have in a classroom a little more difficult. By asking the right questions, you can ensure you and your student’s get…

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Oct 18

Defining Business Intelligence (BI)

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

If you work in the field of business, at some point you’ve probably heard the term Business Intelligence or BI. But what does BI really mean and how is it relevant to the success of your business? In the most simple of terms, BI is defined as the methods and technologies used by an organization…

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Oct 11

Corporate Training Gone Right

~By Rick J. Stern | Training

Recently, I tweeted about the possibility of a new approach to corporate training. This topic has stuck with me and, with a desire to maintain and help others maintain the highest level of output; I decided to look into it further. Current statistics show us that there are challenges facing today’s corporate learning programs, which…

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Oct 04

Increasing Pricing to Raise Sales

~By Rick J. Stern | Financial

It might seem counterintuitive to think that raising prices can also raise sales, but the truth is it is possible. Of course that doesn’t mean you can increase pricing just because you want to make more money. To receive the most benefit out of an increase, you need proper justification. Companies raise prices every day…

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Sep 27

The Top Five Marketing Tools to Increase Enrollment in Your CE Program

~By Rick J. Stern | Marketing

With so many different educational organizations offering continuing education programs today, how can you make sure students not only find you, but also enroll in your program? The answer is simple, marketing, marketing and marketing. You can have the greatest CE program available, but if you don’t market it properly, you might not have enough…

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Sep 20

Using Social Media to Benefit Your CE Program

~By Rick J. Stern | Social Media

Everywhere you go these days, you hear or see the phrases, “Like us on Facebook,” or “Tweet us at hashtag.” Social media has become an integral part of our world, which is why it is no surprise that it should also be a part of your CE program. Social Media Basics While employing social media…

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