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Jan 06

New Year Resolutions for Your CE Program

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

A study by the University of Scranton states that 45% of Americans usually make New Year Resolutions.  However, only 8% of that group achieved success on those resolutions.  With a track record demonstrating such a dismal success rate, it is easy to understand why anyone would not bother to make resolutions. If one follows the…

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Dec 17

The Missing Link – Visual Cues in the Online Classroom

~By Rick J. Stern | E-learning

What are some things we can do to incorporate technologically savvy lessons to make-up for the lack of visual cues in online classes? The truth of the matter is that online classes have become more and more prevalent over the last several years. We have identified a lacking in online classes, and now our challenge…

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Dec 09

Tips for Automating Yourself Into A New Job

~By Rick J. Stern | Career

Technology. It can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, especially when you are looking for a new job. Even though you can perform your job search online at all hours of the day and night, the loss of human interaction can make you feel like you are sending your resume into a black…

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Dec 03

Do Your Customers Know Your Face? The Power of the Meet and Greet Events

~By Rick J. Stern | Marketing

In today’s digital age, human contact has been reduced to whatever can fit in140 characters, or showcased in uploaded pics, likes and comments. While this does make it easier to connect with people all over the world, the real personal connection, the one you can only get with face-to-face meetings, seems to be missing. When…

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Nov 18

My Top 5 Goals for the 2013 LERN Conference

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

Attending any conference can be rewarding, exciting, and an excellent learning experience.  Yet at the same, the leash back to my desk often seems to remind me of the endless emails, work back log, and extra effort I will have to make when I return back to the office.  Getting a return for your time…

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Nov 08

What Drives Your CE Program?

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

Having a well-developed and well-run Continuing Education program is essential to the long-term success of that program. Of course the longevity of your CE program also depends on your marketing efforts. Remember, if prospective students can’t find you, your program won’t be able to sustain itself. If you want to drive traffic to your CE…

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