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Jan 30

MOOCs vs. Traditional Learning

~By Rick J. Stern | E-learning

It seems nearly everyone agrees that MOOCs – massive open online courses – signal the end of traditional universities and sharply climbing tuition. Proposals by state legislators aim to substitute online courses for in-person public university education. Online course enrollment has risen 29% since 2010, while conventional university course enrollment has declined. (Babson Survey Research…

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Jan 27

Three Hot MOOC Trends for 2014

~By Rick J. Stern | E-learning

The New York Times dubbed 2012 “the year of the MOOC”. 2013 brought about much change to the original MOOC concept, along with some surprising results.  What can we expect in 2014? Certainly, we can expect to see growth in course offerings and perhaps even new or emerging MOOC providers. Three hot trends for 2014…

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Jan 16

Are Enrollment Trends Changing?

~By Rick J. Stern | Marketing

Even though an increasing number of jobs now require some sort of postsecondary credentials, half of American adults have never attended college. To increase their chances at their current employment, for their chances for new employment, and most of all for their fair opportunity in the job market, adults are entering into higher education in…

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Jan 14

The Importance of Security in Your Software

~By Rick J. Stern | Security

One particular market that stores huge amounts of personal data is higher education. They record personal information on each student, which is typically in the thousands per campus, along with their financial information that was gathered for student payment and financial aid purposes. In essence, they hold the virtual wallet of every student on their…

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Jan 06

New Year Resolutions for Your CE Program

~By Rick J. Stern | Managing

A study by the University of Scranton states that 45% of Americans usually make New Year Resolutions.  However, only 8% of that group achieved success on those resolutions.  With a track record demonstrating such a dismal success rate, it is easy to understand why anyone would not bother to make resolutions. If one follows the…

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Dec 17

The Missing Link – Visual Cues in the Online Classroom

~By Rick J. Stern | E-learning

What are some things we can do to incorporate technologically savvy lessons to make-up for the lack of visual cues in online classes? The truth of the matter is that online classes have become more and more prevalent over the last several years. We have identified a lacking in online classes, and now our challenge…

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