XenDirect is available in three versions, designed to fit the demands and requirements of a diverse set of customers.

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Student Registration Software Solution

XenDirect is a leading student registration management application built for continuing education, workforce development, contract training, adult education and similar educational organizations. Our full service software solution puts the power of data back under your control.

User Responsive

Simple and clean interfaces provide straightforward, quick guides to intuitive features and commands. Reliable access to well-organized data without jargon or cryptic codes to memorize.

ASP Advantages

XenDirect is an ASP model application with lower startup costs and no sophisticated IT infrastructure required. Xenegrade provides all technical support and hosting of XenDirect. No long-term agreements required. The data belongs to you; Xenegrade.

Powerful Analytics

Intelligent dashboards provide data visualization tools that display current status of metrics and key performance indicators. Optional features allow for dashboards to be tailored for a specific role and display metrics targeted for a single point of view

Multi-Unit Capable

The power of XenDirect’s multi-unit capabilities provides customers with multiple departments to utilize all the advantages of a single registration application, yet still maintain a level of autonomy.

White Label Branding

No need to reinvent the wheel. The student portal contains numerous formatting options designed to match your brand including colors and graphics. We can even help you celebrate your brand with a custom student portal that looks just like you.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Generate rapid reports that meet individual information requirements with ease. End users can dynamically drill through report data for powerful information analysis and are empowered to interact with the data.


XenDirect is an open system, offering integration with other applications. Whether you are looking to integrate with an ERP, Financial Application, CRM, Learning Management System or other application, we want to learn about your requirements. 
Custom integrations can support operations, reduce costs, and improve response time using the best tools and technology process available.

Robust Security

Authentication from Xenegrade’s servers restricts application access using the most up to date methods. Regularly scheduled testing by a third party also checks and confirms PCI compliance. From user security, environment security, firewalls, SSL certificates, and IP protection, Xenegrade covers all the bases.

Superb Support

Extensive online support documents provide detailed reference guides to end users. An online support ticket system provides timely and responsive replies to inquiries, including 24/hr emergency contact capabilities as added insurance. A strong implementation management approach and training options make it easy for you to go-live quickly.

XenDirect Features

The huge diversity of XenDirect features exceed the demands of most end users and provide a rich toolbox for power users.

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Data Conversion & Customization

Although XenDirect is powerful right off the shelf, the uniqueness and diverse needs of customers sometimes warrants an individualized solution.

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User Defined Reporting

XenDirect includes powerful reporting and analytical tools that match or exceed anything available on the market today.

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Security & Reliability

Xenegrade utilizes a variety of tools to maintain the security of your data as well as making sure you have access to your data on demand.

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July 8, 2021

"My experience with XenDirect was consistently positive. I give it high praise! Customer support has been phenomenal, and I’m not just saying that because you’re restoring my data. I’ve always felt that way."

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