Congratulations! You have successfully created, sold, and held your contract training course! You should definitely enjoy your well-earned success, but there is still work to be done. You need to determine how successful the course was financially (your return on investment). You should also have given out surveys to students so that they can share which aspects they think worked and which ones they think might need improvement. Following the minutia, though, comes the fun part. After you’ve held your first contract training session, you can begin to publicize your course.

Some of you might be confused right now–we’ve already discussed marketing your contract training course. In the previous [chapter/blog], we went over marketing in depth; we’ve mentioned marketing several other times as well. Publicity is not the same as marketing. Marketing and publicity are closely related concepts that are often confused with one another. Marketing is concerned with making sales, while publicity is concerned with managing image. The goal of marketing your course is to gain new clients; the goal of publicizing your course is to strengthen your brand. While it is similar to marketing, publicizing your successes are handled differently: think of marketing as the “before” and publicity as the “after.”

Here are a few techniques you can use to effectively publicize your course. Some of these can be done immediately, while others require a bit of lead time.

1. Social Media

Share your success via social media. Take a “graduation” photo on the last day of training and post it to your social media platforms. Blog about your course. While LinkedIn is ideal for career-oriented news, don’t discount the power of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

2. Case Studies/Testimonials

Profile the company, include why it wanted/needed your training course and what results it has seen. Consider profiling a few employees who successfully completed your course. Respect any wishes for anonymity by omitting identifying details.

3. Trade Shows/Industry Events

Share your success by attending trade shows and/or industry events. Set up a booth or just network. Talk about your past successes, and your future plans for any additional courses. Don’t forget to mention that you can customize the course for different companies.

4. Publications

Profile the course in your institution’s newsletter. Publications geared toward your alumni might also like to write about your new contract training course. Even student publications might be interested in covering the inaugural contract training course, especially if you plan on continuing the program in the future.

5. Blogs

You can discuss your course on your department’s blog (or your school’s website, as a news piece). Explain why your institution decided to create a contract training course. Discuss the difference between corporate and academic courses; adult learners and traditional students. You might also want to investigate guest-posting blogs on sites devoted to training or the specific industry.

Discussing your successful first course will certainly drum up interest for later courses. Publicizing your successful course will ensure that you and your team receive the credit you are all due. After all your hard work, you and your team have earned some bragging rights!

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