The diversity and array of XenDirect features exceed the demands of most end users and provide a rich toolbox for power users. Many features are available for the Administrative module, the Student Web Registration module, and in numerous cases, both.

Content Management

  • Facility management
  • Staff/faculty profiles
  • Course management
  • Multiple fee support
  • Revenue/expense tracking
  • Min/max enrollment
  • Waitlist management
  • Min/Max age restrictions
  • Discount options
  • Online course evaluations
  • Bundled courses
  • Cross Selling
  • Program management
  • Online offerings display and format options
  • Automation tools
  • Cart controls
  • Photo display capabilities
  • Textbook sales
  • Refund and cancellation policies
  • Product sales

Registration Management

  • Client (student) profiles
  • Multiple and unlimited registrations
  • Multiple payment options
  • Existing or custom payment gateways
  • Multiple transactions
  • Transfers and cancellations
  • Automatic email registration confirmations
  • Aggregate and/or daily attendance
  • Waiting lists
  • Family accounts
  • Grading and transcripts
  • Online profile management and registration history access
  • Pay by purchase order option
  • Minimum payment options
  • User defined course specific registration options
  • Online course evaluations

Marketing / Branding

  • Marketing emails, many with data embedding capability
  • Automatic scheduled emails
  • Color and graphic formatting
  • Font and text options
  • HTML options
  • Banner and image options
  • Menu and new page creation
  • Brochure development tools
  • Merge letter and form reports

Reporting / Analytics

  • Exclusive InSight Report Management System
  • Over 250 built-in reports
  • Main dashboard and numerous content level dashboards
  • Visualization capabilities (charts, graphs)
  • Drill down capabilities
  • Options for end user ad hoc report design and development
  • Data export tools

Contract Training

  • Company profiles and corporate accounts
  • Bulk and quantity enrollments
  • Company specific unique online course display options

Conferences / Workshops

  • Conference scheduling
  • Workshop schedules
  • Optional purchased workshops
  • Variable fee options

*Features listed include a summary of features available. Not all features are available in all versions and not all features are listed.

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