TrainingWith the economy doing reasonably well employers are more willing to invest in training for their workforce. Leadership and executive training has always been a resilient category for mid-size and large companies. Companies often prefer that continuing education for executives should be accomplished with higher education partners rather than an in-house training department.

In good economic times the outsourcing of training for the entire workforce is more promising for higher education partners. Skill based training with outcomes that can be measured are increasing in popularity. In-house corporate training programs are following higher education with training certification programs that lead to pathways for their employees.

As of 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is now tracking professional certifications and licenses and how they affect employment and earnings.


bureauStasticsFor the full report,

Many companies are not facing a shortage of employees, but rather a shortage of skills. The technology industry has long used certifications to demonstrate skills. Tech firms tend to spend more per learner than other industry sectors. Dollars spend per learner also rises with more mature organizations. All sectors seem to be moving to learning measurements in order to improve effectiveness for employees.

If you are creative, organization training delivery opportunities look good. Employers will be looking to get more for their money and how they can measure effectiveness. Employers are looking for an organizational capability growth. For those that can sell programs that are tied to the corporate vision, process and capability growth, the future looks bright.

Many of universities and community colleges seek to also use a student registration system that can bring a major focus to corporate and contract training. The ability to track goals, credentials and outcomes with reporting can be shared with employers, students and stakeholders, helping demonstrate the ROI on training dollars spend.

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