Many of our clients will start winter break on December 17th and will return to the Office January 3rd.  That is a nice block of time for life’s little marvels we often are too busy to tackle. Below you will find two lists for making the most of the winter break this year. One list for those with time off and one list for those who will stand their post back at the empty office.

Holidays list for those on break

  1. Read! So many good books so little time. Don’t forget about gifts for yourself. Make your first stop the bookstore or
  2. Spend time with the people you love. Ok, this one should have been first. But you really can take your loved ones to the bookstore with you. They need something to read too!
  3. Plan a happy outing. Adults need time to play also. Concerts, Theater, Movies, Outdoor activities or best yet something you have never done before.
  4. Tackle a project that you have been putting off. What a relief it will be not to have that project on your 2017 to-do list.
  5. Travel, if you already have plans here are few things to remember to take with you:
  • Don’t forget the charger, plugs, and accessories for your devices. You probably will go online.
  • Bring clothes you can wear in layers. It might be warmer or colder than you think.
  • A sense of humor. Where ever you go this is always appreciated. Google a few holiday jokes.

Holiday list for those at the office

  1. Without the interruptions, it’s a great time to think. Make use of a whiteboard and brainstorm ideas. Once you filled the whiteboard notate your very best thoughts. Decide what is viable and create a plan of action for the ideas that have the most value.
  2. Read! Yes, I know this was on our first list, but it is so important. Since you are at work read items that will help you help your organization. Here are a few fast read books I recommend:
    • Draw to Win by Dan Roam. A crash course on how to lead, sell and innovate with your visual mind. Dan Roam shares best practices for communications with pictures. Whether you are communicating on a whiteboard, PowerPoint or back of a napkin he has some great strategies for winning communications.
    • Bull’s-Eye: The Power of Focus by Brian Tracy. This quick and powerful back to the basics book on clarity, focus, and concentration by Brian Tracy is perfect brain food for starting the New Year right.
    • Joy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love by Richard Sheridan. Sometimes we need a good example of what can be done. It’s even better when told by a great storyteller. We come to work each day with hopes of making a difference in the lives of others, Richard Sheridan tells us how.
  3. Make a difference in a common space of your environment. Clean, organize or even decorate a break room or lobby. Your co-workers will be delighted when they return from break. Hard candy, mints or treats are a nice touch, inspiring messaging, hot chocolate or new beverages selections can be a nice surprise for guests and employees.
  4. Tackle the project you wish you had time for but never can seem to find a place to fit it in your schedule. Jump in with wild abandon, there is no one around to take you off task.
  5. Take an Online Course. Check out the offerings of our partner Ed4Online at If your organization is using XenDirect these courses can be a part of your catalog. Just inquire for details.

    Whatever you’re doing this holiday season.

We wish you the gifts of the season — Peace, Joy, Hope and a Successful New Year!

Author Sandra Krantz

With over 18 years of experience, Sandra excels at serving clients with information technology solutions in all types of organization sectors. She freely admits to being a fanatical client advocate. Although work life is often foremost on her mind, being an avid book lover and Salt Life enthusiast rank high on the interest scale.

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